Hoping we didn’t give our baby permanent trauma

Our city takes the Fourth of July very seriously. The day’s festivities include a parade that draws an audience of around 4,000 people (twice the population of our town), a party in the park, and of course a grand fireworks display.

The city shoots off the fireworks at the airport…

And we both survived

“The baby’s heart rate is tachycardic.” The nurse motioned at the machine that was slowly spitting out a continuous sheet of paper with jagged lines on it. “That’s what we’re the most worried about.”

I gave her a blank look, so she continued.

“That means it’s too high, which can…

And getting it smashed was not defeat

Moving into our house was a battle. The small grey structure was filled with someone else’s belongings, decorated in the 1970s, and full of spiders, ladybugs, and mouse carcasses.

After months of cleaning, repairing, and painting, we finally arrived at a point where all our spare time wasn’t just put…

Ten minutes of your day might change someone’s life

She wasn’t really chubby, she was just bigger than the other kids in her sixth grade classroom. I noticed her immediately as a new face that hadn’t been there in the previous weeks.

Her bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks appeared cheerful, but her mouth was turned into a perpetual…

How I conquered my fear on a black diamond

Petrified, I stood at the top of the hill, squinting in the bright sun. Hard packed snow dropped off in a straight J-curve in front of me, and I backed up in terror. I was going to die.

In high school I went on a yearly ski trip with my…

If it’s worth doing, isn’t it worth doing well?

“Once, I performed a rectal examination on a patient, but I kept thinking something felt wrong.”

She paused, and her college-age audience waited eagerly for her conclusion — after all, a rectal examination-gone-wrong story told by an ER doctor was more interesting than the weather or politics.

“It wasn’t until…

It’s not just getting whatever you want

For the fifth morning that week, it was raining. Condensation dripped onto me from the roof of the tent, the rain pitter-pattered outside, and my damp sweatpants clung to my legs. I sighed.

Not again.

I grew up in Colorado, so the year after we were married, Curtis and I…

Sometimes experience matters more than money

But I wanted that job.

Instead of letting me apply to a fast food restaurant when I was in high school, my parents encouraged me to make money doing odd jobs for people.

Dragging my feet, I reluctantly agreed. While my peers were flipping burgers and making minimum wage, I…

So everyone in the company tells the same story

Imagine stepping into the break room to grab your lunch, only to hear the following conversation:

“Bill Freeman started the company in 1964 with the goal of helping provide shoes to children in need around the world. He created the first pair of shoes in his garage with his wife…

But now I’m so glad she did

“Okay, everybody come to the table. It’s time to write thank-you cards.”

I groaned. Not again.

For something that only happened once a year, I had an overwhelming sense of dread about our annual thank-you card writing party.

The day after Christmas, my mom brought out a box of thank…

Anneliese Rider

Published author, freelance writer and editor, biking enthusiast, and blogger at annelieserider.com.

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